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The Most Effective and Best Termite Control System: Sentricon®

Ready for a shock? Termite invasion causes upwards of 5 billion dollars in damages to homes each year in the US. Even the smallest of termite infestations can bring $3,000 in damage repairs for homeowners.

What is the Most Effective Termite Control System?

Sentricon® is the #1 trusted brand in termite protection. It’s the leading termite pest application and was the first baiting system to eliminate termites at the source, bringing a new advanced protection to homes across the world. Here’s why it’s the best termite solution: the Sentricon® System is scientifically designed to eliminate the entire subterranean termite colony — including its queen. Never had termites? Keep it that way with Any Pest’s Sentricon® termite treatments.

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Can I Do Termite Treatment Myself?

Termites are too big of a threat for Do-It-Yourself termite treatments, especially when it comes to protecting your biggest investment— your home. Any Pest’s certified Sentricon® specialists pass intensive training on the installation and maintenance of complete home protection for termites. The Sentricon® system has helped over 4+ million homes.

How Does it Work?

Sentricon® uses scientifically engineered bait and bait stations that infiltrate the colony’s food chain, infecting the workers and disabling them to molt, thus disabling them to mature. The termites then begin to die and once the colony is gone, the queen follows right behind.

How do I Get Sentricon®?

At Any Pest, we are certified Sentricon® specialists! We have experienced and trained technicians to evaluate and implement the Sentricon® System for any home or property, residential or commercial. Our expert knowledge and determination for successful results will leave you knowing your home or property is being protected and cared for.

Home Termite Protection

Termites pose a serious threat to your biggest investment: your home. Termites could be silently feeding on your home without you even knowing. Wipe out every house-hungry termite threatening your home now and prevent future attacks with the complete termite protection of Sentricon®  from Any Pest.

Commercial Termite Protection

Sentricon® delivers complete commercial-grade termite protection with benefits that are ideal for property managers, builders, and architects. Even if your commercial property is made of mostly concrete or steel, any structure that contains structural wood can be attacked by subterranean termites. This commercial termite protection system gives us proven power to wipe out existing termite colonies and prevent new ones from invading even the largest commercial or multi-family building structures. Our certified termite prevention specialists work with your team to protect their commercial structures from termites long-term.

Does Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Insurance companies refer to termites as “wood damaging insects”. However, unfortunately homeowner insurance policies do not cover termite infestation damage because a termite infestation can be preventable.

Termite Protection in Metro-Atlanta

Any Pest, Inc. offers FREE Consultations and prompt service for termite control and prevention. We have been servicing the entire metro-Atlanta area, and beyond, since 1989, specializing in pest control, mosquito control, termite protection or wildlife management services. Contact us for a free consultation if you suspect an infestation of ANY PEST in your home or business. Any Pest, Inc. can inspect, identify, and treat the problem. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Any Pest, Inc. is ready to help you with all of your pest control needs!

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