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5 Easy Ways To Prevent Dangerous Winter Pests From Entering Your Home

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It’s winter, so that means pests will hibernate and leave us alone… right? Unfortunately, no. While during winter months you may notice less rodent and insect activity, that doesn’t necessarily mean that pests go away during the winter. Some pests enter hibernation mode, and other pests, like mice and squirrels, can stay active all winter …

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What’s Bugging You in July?

As many Georgia residents know, summers in the South can be brutal. In July, the temperature and humidity is both high, which brings plenty of bugs and unwanted pests. Mosquitoes here are infamous and cannot only be a nuisance but also a serious health hazard. In addition, fleas and ticks can be a huge problem …

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Dealing with Household Pests

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If you are a homeowner, chances are at some point you have had to deal with household pests. There are a lot of different pests out there that can be a nuisance for homeowners, and in some cases, they can actually do significant damage to your home if they are not treated right away. The …

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