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Here at Any Pest, Inc., we combine the highest quality work with the best customer service available in the industry. We have been protecting residential homes and commercial properties with our mosquito control plans since 1989.  Want to learn more about mosquitoes and mosquito control?  Keep reading! 

Tips for Mosquito Prevention

Everyone knows how annoying and itchy mosquito bites can be and how this can be especially hard on your kids. However, it is not just the itch you need to worry about; mosquito-derived diseases can make you, your family, and even your pets extremely sick. In order to help prevent mosquitoes, check out the following tips:

  • Remove all sources of standing water
  • Trim shrubs and keep lawn mowed
  • Clear away yard debris
  • Hire Any Pest for scheduled mosquito control services

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Seasonal Mosquito Control

Spring is the time to start combating mosquitoes and reclaim your yard! Depending on seasonal temperatures, mosquito activity can last into October. We can help with professional mosquito control treatments tailored to your home or business. Our botanical treatments are applied to bushes, shrubs, trees and all common natural surfaces around your home where mosquitoes are most likely to land. Natural water sources where mosquitoes breed can also be treated for prevention. If you do have a mosquito infestation, be sure to contact Any Pest to perform a mosquito treatment on your home or commercial property. Any Pest, Inc. can inspect, identify, and treat the problem.

Myths vs. Facts


Both male and female mosquitoes will bite.

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Only the female mosquito bites. She uses the protein from the blood she takes to develop her eggs. The male mosquito feeds on nectar from flowers.


Mosquitoes die after taking a blood meal.

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Female mosquitoes do not die after they “bite”. If they did, the mosquito population would be harshly reduced and could even lead to extinction of the species.


Bats can control mosquito populations.

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Bats are indiscriminate feeders. They don’t concentrate on mosquitoes and very rarely have any substantial effect on the mosquito population.


USA is free of mosquito-borne diseases.

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While not common, there are still cases of Malaria in the USA. A more recent concern is the introduction of non-native viruses, such as Zika, West Nile and Chikungunya.

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