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Wildlife Prevention and Control

Here at Any Pest, Inc. we have been protecting residential and commercial properties in Georgia from unwanted wildlife for almost 30 years!

Keep things Wild, in the Wilderness!

We offer a humane and responsible answer to your rodent and animal problems. Any Pest, Inc. has specialized in the capture and removal of unwanted animals since 1989! An animal infestation is just as unappealing and stressful as an insect infestation, but there’s an increased risk of property damage, potential injury and diseases.

Most animals that you see around the exterior of your home may appear cute and innocent; however those cute, innocent animals can quickly become a nuisance once they invade your property. In addition to the vast amount of damage they can cause, animals can carry MORE diseases than many insects.

Our team is comprised of experts fully licensed and permitted (State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources) in live trapping, humane animal removal and relocation.

Just a few examples of the wildlife that Any Pest, Inc. can remove from your home are:

What To Expect From Any Pest:

  • A visual inspection for damage
  • The locating of animal entry points
  • The setting of live cage traps or installing excluders (one-way doors)
  • Professional and humane removal and re-location

Wildlife Clean-Up Service:

After a small animal or rodent has taken up residence with your home or business, it is essential to get rid of any bacteria that critter may have left behind. You can be exposed to this bacteria through direct contact with the animal or its feces/urine. Which is why Any Pest, Inc. also offers a clean-up service to help you get your home back into a hygienic and cleanly condition. This service includes:

  • Disinfecting all accessible insulation in the attic and/or crawl space
  • Disinfecting all other accessible areas contaminated by feces/urine, including living spaces

There are a number of diseases and medical complications that can be caused by wild animal waste, which is not always easy for an untrained person to see or recognize, so these cleaning procedures are extremely beneficial and are highly advised by the Any Pest, Inc. staff. As a preventative measure, we also provide exclusion processes to avoid future infestations. Contact Any Pest Inc. to provide wildlife control services to your home or business today!

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Any Pest, Inc. provides an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to residential and commercial pest management. We abide by EPA and Georgia Department of Agriculture standards supported by the University of Georgia Entomology Department. We provide FREE consultations 7 days a week, a rapid response to inquiries, service calls at no additional charge, top notch quality of work, exceptional customer service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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