Why Winter is the Ideal Time for Termite Treatment

Termites are active 365 days a year, therefore termite prevention is a year-round process. However, winter months are an ideal time to implement termite treatment for both your home and/or business because during this time, termite activity is moderately more predictable.

Winter termite treatment is ideal for homeowners and business owners.

But why?

Termite activity tends to be more predictable in the fall and winter months, as compared to the summertime.

Termites in Georgia are more likely to discover strategically placed bait stations in colder months than compared to warmer months. This is because in the warmer months, termites are more likely to venture further from their nests to find food. In the winter, termites tend to stay closer to home, making it more likely for them to choose the termite bait instead of food further away.

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Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., provides winter termite treatment and control for both your home and business. Keep reading to learn how the most effective termite protection system works!

How Does the Termite Treatment System Work?

Sentricon® starts and ends with its state of the art bait station.

Our Termite Treatment Plan is Lifetime Renewable:

  • Lookout Pest Control covers repair costs if active infestation is found under Repair Damage Guarantee
  • Warranties are 100% transferable & no owner transfer fees
  • One of the BEST termite guarantees in the business
  • No deductible or booster treatment condition on agreement
  • We offer the most advanced technologies currently available
  • Our protection plans are available for both residential and commercial properties

Here’s what a bait station looks like:

Sentricon Bait System | Lookout Pest Control

How Does a Termite Colony Function?

A colony of termites works just like a colony of bees — it’s all centered around the queen.

Termite Treatment | Lookout Pest Control

In 1995, the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System was introduced, offering the first and only alternative to liquid barriers for termite control and prevention. Unlike its liquid-based predecessors, the Sentricon® Bait System went above and beyond the traditional and antiquated methods by combining a specially formulated bait, the scientific behavior, and biology of termites to effectively kill off the entire termite colony— including the queen.

There is no other more trusted, tested, and capable method for termite prevention and control! And at Lookout Pest Control, we are trained and certified in Sentricon® Always Active. Keep reading to learn why winter is the ideal time to get termite protection for your home or business.

Here are the steps to setting up the Sentricon® Always Active Bait stations:

#1- Property Evaluation

First, a trained and certified Lookout Pest Control Sentricon® technician in termite protection and prevention will come assess your residential or commercial property. He or she will walk your property, making the proper strategy and placement for the bait stations while evaluating size of the property, age of the structure, and if any termites are currently active on site. This will tell the technician the number of bait stations needed and their proper placement.

#2- Burying the Stations

Next, the technician will implant the stations 10 inches into the ground with the top cap placed flush on the soil’s surface. The stations will be filled with the bait, capped, and locked. A special key is needed to unlock the tops of the Sentricon® Bait Stations. The stations only require check-ups once a year from your Lookout Pest Control technician, so there is never a need for the customer to access the cap locks.

#3- Feeding Time

Termites are constantly searching for food. Once they discover the bait in the Sentricon® Always Active Stations, they will begin to feed and bring bait back to their nestmates. Termites prefer Sentricon® bait 10 times more than the wood they usually feast on. The bait lends no clues as to why the colony begins to die off, keeping the termites happily eating the bait. Once the workers are all dead, the Queen has no more purpose and dies as well. And so goes the colony. Boom, colony elimination.

At Lookout Pest Control, we have the skilled team and experience to take care of all your termite needs.

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Why Winter is the Ideal Time for Termite Treatment in Kennesaw, GA and beyond!

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