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Keeping insects out of your home when it rains

Atlanta is having one of its rainiest winters in decades and with spring around the corner, more wet conditions are upon us. Rain brings nutrients and water to our green foliage and helps clear our busy streets of dust, debris, and litter. But it also invokes all the pesky critters out in the wild to come up for shelter and dry land.

Insects, like people, do not like to be drenched in rainstorms. When a heavy rain falls, or days and days of rain occur, insects bury deep in the ground for shelter. When the rain subsides, the holes and soil that insects inhabit become filled with water and mud, and to save themselves from drowning, insects come up to the surface to seek dry ground. Insects are looking for a dry place to dwell and your comfy home is a perfect opportunity for new visitors.

Use these simple steps to keep your home and family protected from insects and pests during heavy rain season.

#1 Trim foliage touching your home

Trim Bushes and Tress Around Your House | Lookout Pest Control Inc

Insects love to use the trees, bushes, and plants on the perimeter of your home as gateways to the inside. Once insects have gotten up to the surface of the soil, they will use branches, leaves, limbs that overhang to your roof and gutter lines or to window sills and doors to make their way inside. Do a sweep around your home and make sure no limbs or branches are touching your home’s exterior walls or roof. Trimming back all foliage will make a gap between the plants and trees and your house, making it harder for insects to enter.

# 2 Seal all those open holes

Seal Cracks In Your Home | Lookout Pest Control Inc

Insects will find just about any open hole, crack, vent, or pipe around your home’s exterior for easy passageway in to the interior. Walk the footing of your home and ensure there are no openings. Use caulk for cracks and window sills. Use vent covers for open vents and large holes. If there is even the smallest of cracks to the interior of your house, an insect will find it. Upkeep on the exterior of your home will prevent insects and wildlife entry as well as keep your house properly insulated.

# 3 Keep your kitchen area clean

Don't Leave Dirty Dishes In The Sink | Lookout Pest Control Inc

Insects are in search for food after long, sustained rainfall. Your kitchen and its trashcan are the perfect places for an insect to feast. Keep dirty dishes, pans, and other cooking utensils out of the sink and put them in the dishwasher after using. Do not let your kitchen trash get too over-flowed and be sure to change it out regularly. Make sure to sweep or vacuum the floors and rugs in your kitchen area after cooking. Leaving crumbs and food particles will attract many types of insects into your home.

Hiring a dedicated professional pest control service for your home and property is the best way to prevent insects from coming in. Scheduled visits from your pest control service technician will minimize insects and pests from invading and staying in your home or property.

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Keeping insects out of your home when it rains in Kennesaw, GA and beyond!

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