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How to keep rats and mice out of your home

With changing weather, varmints and rodents are always seeking shelter and food inside our homes. Deer mice are one the most common rodent species in Atlanta, GA and invade homes across the middle part of the state. These mice can shed the outer layer of skin on their tails and regrow it over time. Rats in middle Georgia are dangerous to humans and can cause a lot of damage to the structures of our homes.

Rats and mice carry diseases such as murine typhus, leptospirosis and salmonellosis (food poisoning). If left unaddressed, rats will cause costly damage by chewing through insulation, electrical wires, plumbing pipes and dry wall as well as structural supports. Rats will burrow tunnels underground that can cause problems to the foundation of your home.

Here are the best ways to prevent and remove any current or future pest:

Signs & Entry Points

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  1. Most people discover rodents and other pests by seeing signs of their presence first.
  2. Look for droppings near food sources or under sinks
  3. Look for chew marks on wood or corners around the house
  4. Seal up any cracks, holes, or entry points. Remember, if the hole is the size of a quarter, it’s big enough for a rat.

Separate Rats from Their Food Sources

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  1. Rats need minimal food/water (1-3 oz. daily).
  2. Keep food in sealed containers and clean up any spills or crumbs
  3. Make sure you have no leaks in your pipes or faucets
  4. Keep your garbage-cans sealed and on tight

Repellants & Traps

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  1. The Choice Is Yours!
  2. Glue traps, mechanical traps, catch-and-release
  3. Poisons

Rats and mice can cause serious damage to your home and can also affect the health of your family and pets. Taking steps to prevent rodents from entering your home is always a smart but handling wildlife and disease ridden creatures should always be left to a trained professional. Any Pest, Inc has the team, skill-set, experience, and customer service you need and deserve for all wildlife solutions and control in and around your home.

Any Pest Inc. Rodent Prevention Services

If you suspect a rodent infestation or notice a rodent problem in or around your home, contact your local pest control professionals at Any Pest for rodent control and management services. Call us today at (678) 888-0035.