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Ticks in Georgia: How to Protect Yourself and Pets from Ticks

There is a common misconception that ticks in Georgia are only active in warmer months. But contrary to popular beliefs, ticks can remain active year-round and throughout the winter months. The Black-legged tick, in particular, survives and feeds during colder months in Georgia. This species of tick in Georgia carries Lyme disease— one of the most harmful transmitted by the insect.

Moreover, a new species of tick named the Asian long-horned tick, has made its way to the US and has migrated into the southern states. This species of tick carries many deadly diseases that can affect humans, pets, and livestock. A female Asian Long-horned tick can reproduce and lay eggs without mating, which means Asian Long-horned ticks can multiply at very rapid rates compared to other species of ticks.

Are Ticks in Georgia Active in the Winter?

Yes, ticks are active in Georgia during the winter. Julie McPeake, a spokesperson from the Georgia Department of Agriculture says, “Although we see more tick infestations during the summer months, ticks are a year-round concern here in Georgia because of our mild climate.”

In addition, awareness of tick bites and their diseases for people living in Georgia are just as important in the colder winter months.

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Ticks in Georgia are active year-round. Follow these simple tips for the prevention of tick bites for you and your pets:

#1 Use Insect Repellent

Whenever you and your loved ones venture out into any wooded areas, parks, trails, campgrounds, or yards laden with trees, make sure to use a chemical repellent with DEET, Permethrin or Picaridin. DEET is the most effective and consistent deterrent of ticks and will prevent ticks from attaching to your body.

#2 Protect Your Legs

Ticks, similar to fleas, generally jump aboard at your ankles. Wearing pants and socks will help to keep your legs from attracting ticks. Tuck your pants into your socks for an extra barrier while hiking, playing, or just relaxing in nature.

#3 Wear A Hat

Ticks love to bury in our scalps for their feeding. Our hair makes for a warm place to hide, which ticks prefer. Wear a hat when out in the woods, park, or other natural areas.

#4 Protect Your Pets

Ticks love attaching to animals. Their coats of hair make a perfect feeding ground for all species of ticks. Make sure your pet has the best tick prevention medicine routinely scheduled for their protection. Whether it be a tick collar, pill, or liquid form, this is the first and best prevention from tick bites.

Where Should I Check My Pet for Ticks?

The CDC states that ticks on your pet may be very difficult to locate and remove. See the below diagram from the CDC’s website to help inspect and protect your pet from ticks in Georgia.

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Treatment for Ticks in Georgia

Treatment for ticks is completely different than flea treatment. It is important to call your local pest control professional for an inspection and assistance in getting rid of ticks. Since ticks only stay around if there is a host, it is important to dispose of all empty bird and rodent nesting. Also, keeping your grass cut short can aid in decreasing the likelihood of an infestation.

What to do if there is a tick on you— using tweezers, carefully grasp behind the head and pull slowly away from the host’s skin. It is important to not squeeze or crush the tick when removing because this can lead to more harmful fluids being released. Check to see if the mouthparts are completely removed from the wound, then thoroughly clean and disinfect the area. If you have secondary symptoms or medical concerns, please seek medical attention immediately.

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Ticks in Georgia: How to Protect Yourself and Pets from Ticks in Kennesaw, GA and beyond!

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