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What To Do If You Find Cockroaches In Your Building

If you work in a business in a major city like Atlanta, you might have come in contact with some unwanted visitors. We are not talking about your “co-workers”, but rather unwanted pests like cockroaches. While cockroaches are a common problem in urban areas, your chances of having them infest your business increase significantly if you have an older building. When one cockroach makes a home in your building, it can quickly spread to nearby businesses. Here, Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., discusses cockroaches and ways to prevent them from infesting your building this year.

Why Are Cockroaches Common In Buildings?

Cockroaches are common in shared buildings because of all the shared walls and shared spaces. This allows them plenty of places to crawl through and hide. Additionally, they are also common in many older buildings because they haven’t been fixed or updated recently.

If you regularly clean your place but are still having problems with cockroaches, consider these issues:

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  • Available food sources (open containers etc.)
  • Dirty neighbors
  • Small crumbs & spills you missed cleaning
  • A steamy, damp environment

If you’re having problems with roaches in your home or business, contact your local pest control company ASAP.

Preventative Steps To Minimize Infestations

  • Regularly Clean – Roaches live off our uncleanliness. This is why it’s important to keep lids on trashcans and empty them as soon as they are full. Store all food in sealed containers and put away any pet food at night. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink and make sure to clean under cabinets.
  • Treat Your Baseboards – Roaches enter buildings through small cracks and spaces. It’s important to seal up and treat baseboards, outlets, and cracks. One easy way to do this is by dusting food-grade diatomaceous earth along your baseboards, outlets, and any cracks in the floor or ceiling. 
  • Cockroach Traps – There are many pest control products on the market to help with killing roaches during a cockroach infestation, though some work better than others. Some include: Cock roach killing spray, baits, boric acid, gel bait, cimexa powder, glue traps and more!
  • Seal Up Entry Points – If you work in a shared building, invest in a door seal set. This is something that you can stick on the bottom of your door to eliminate any space between the door and floor.
  • Cover Your Drains – Cockroaches thrive off damp spaces. Pay attention to your kitchen and bathroom. It’s a good idea to keep your drains and plug holes covered when not in use, especially at night or if you plan to be away during the weekend.
  • Vacuum – A roach infestation is often the result of poor vacuuming. You might think that your home or business is clean, but tiny crumbs of bread, cookies, and other food items can be strong enough to do the trick. Frequent vacuuming can prevent cockroaches from infesting your building.
  • Catnip – Place catnip around your place in order to get rid of roaches. Research suggests that roaches do not like the smell of catnip, so they’ll tend to stay away if it’s present throughout your place.

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If you notice any of the above signs or you think you may have a roach infestation, you should contact a pest control company right away. At Lookout Pest Control we have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to help you eliminate roaches from your home or business. We are committed to providing excellent pest control service to all of our clients.

A roach infestation is unsanitary, and it can make your home an unpleasant living space. If you are experiencing problems with roaches in your home, call Lookout Pest Control today. As pest control professionals in the metro Atlanta area, we can help to ensure that your home becomes a roach-free zone.

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