Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Home This Winter

You may have a few things on your to-do list for the upcoming months. Whether your list consists of decorating for Christmas or preparing your home for guests, you might need to add a few more tasks to the list to prevent other issues. What kind of issues may you ask? Wildlife intruding on your yard, or even worse, your home. Today, Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., will discuss ways you can keep wildlife out of your home this winter. This could be a time-consuming, difficult task for you, so make sure to keep Lookout Pest Control in mind for your pest control service needs! 

Why Is Wildlife Control Important?

One straightforward reason why wildlife removal is beneficial is to prevent damage to your home. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, and skunks could seek food and warm shelter in your home this winter. Especially with a skunk entering, this could cause a stench to fill your home. 

Wildlife could easily tear up your home. Rodents are known for chewing through things like carpets, pipes, and electrical wiring. Not only do these pesky rodents chew through essential things that could lead to expensive repairs, they also often spread disease. You need to do what you can to prevent rodents from giving hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) or salmonella to your friends or family. 

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Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Garden

So, now that we have established how important it is to keep wildlife out, let’s get into ways you can do so. Wildlife removal varies depending on what exact animal you’re dealing with. We know that removing small pests like squirrels and rats might have a different method than removing deer, bears or other large animals. While there are various methods of wildlife removal based on the species itself, these methods also depend on what exact area is being invaded. Our pest control service, Lookout Pest Control will inspect your yard and home to establish the best plan for wildlife removal. 

One place animals might be trying to get into this winter is your garden. After countless hours of hard work, passion and money you have invested into your garden, you should take these preventive measures:

  • One quick way is to call our pest control service to add repellent to the area. Animals enjoy tasty foods, just like humans, so getting rid of that delicious taste will decrease the temptation for them to intrude on your garden. 
  • Another way is to bring back the scarecrow from Halloween and add it to your field. Scarecrows are the most well-known and classic method for keeping birds from your vegetables. The way it works is that birds assume the scarecrow is an actual human since it is dressed in human-like clothes. Humans are thought to be predators so the bird will become frightened. 
  • One last tip for wildlife control in your garden is to completely block their access by adding a fence. The fence should be at least a foot deep in the ground to prevent wildlife from entering by digging in. 

Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Pool

Animals are instinctively attracted to water. Your pool is their dream spot to hang out or get something to drink. As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to prevent wildlife from entering your pool, or garden area, is by adding a fence. A barrier around your pool would stop large animals from walking in and benefiting from your pool.

Another important tip is to make sure your pool lights are off or on a timer to turn off automatically at night. The reason for this is that insects and frogs are attracted to light, and they typically search for food at night. Similarly, adding a water feature will add to the prevention of animals. The noise and sight of the feature moving water constantly will be a turn-off for animals to try and find food there. 

While these tips may help, one of the best ways is to have our pest control service professionally treat your home. 

Residential Wildlife Control

Routine pest control can keep pests out of your home or yard. Whether you currently have pests or looking to prevent them from coming onto your property in the future, you can rely on our professionals to give reliable pest control service. 

A huge preventive measure to take is to remove trash and store food in airtight containers. Animals looking for food are going to search all over for any food they can find, including trash. Be sure to make your best attempt to get rid of old food on the kitchen counter or near the trash can. If there is pet food sitting outside, be sure to store it properly. 

Additionally, seal any ripped screens or openings in your windows. This is an easy way for pests to enter your home. Pests like mice can squeeze through essentially every opening, so be sure to seal them. 

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