Are Ants Taking Over Your Home? Facts About Ants

Have you ever noticed as soon as the rain comes here in Georgia, the ants follow? There is an estimated 22,000 different species of ants, none of which we want in our homes. Ants can get into your house through a very small crack, usually because they are seeking water or smell sweet or greasy food (which is why you usually find ants in your kitchen or pantry). Keep reading to learn facts about ants.

Facts About Ants

Did you know: Ants leave behind an invisible pheromone trail so that when they find food, the other ants’ in their colony can than follow the trial to the food as well? If you have ever tried to deal with ants yourself, you may notice that they just keep getting back inside of your home no matter what you do. This is because their colony sizes are upwards of 300,000 ants – if left untreated ants can clearly be a HUGE problem.

Some of the headaches that ants can cause include:

  • Ants can raid and ruin stored food
  • Ants can damage indoor structures
  • Ants can cause damage and destroy agricultural crops
  • Some species of ants can sting and/or bite

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While DIY ant control options are sold in store, they have proven to be very ineffective. This is because those ant traps or ant bait stations only kill the ants that are already in your home. The ants typically die before they bring the bait back to their colony, and by the time they die from the bait, they have already left a pheromone trail for the rest of the ants in the colony to follow into your home. Also keep in mind, different species of ants need different treatment options; these DIY products sold are one size fits all, which doesn’t always work.

So if you have tried eradicating ants yourself, but notice they continue to enter your home, it may be time to contact pest control professionals. Here at Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., we have the skills, knowledge and experience to rid your home of ants. We offer immediate pest control service! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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