Why You Should Invest In Routine Pest Control

We have seen a lot of changes in the economy with inflation, and the vast increase in the housing market. Not only is it important to invest in keeping up your home’s maintenance for the comfort of your own living, but also keep in mind you might one day look to sell your home. Your home would lose value if you put off pest control services, because of the damage pests are able to do. On the other hand, your home value would increase if pest control services are kept up! It is an easy task to complete with a great reward in return for you and others. Today, Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., will express the importance of why you should invest in routine pest control. 

Prevent Home Damage

As you are already aware, pests have the high potential to create a tremendous amount of damage to your home. 

  • Termite Damage: Termites are known as “silent eaters” because of the way they are able to destroy your home without you noticing. In fact, these silent eaters cause around five billion dollars in damage to American homes every single year. What are termites after? The cellulose within the wood. Cellulose is a plant fiber that gives the wood its structure, which is why it causes extreme damage to your home. When termites begin to infest a home, they consume the wooden framing, and essentially any other wood they can find to feed off of. They may go after your baseboards, floorboards or other wooden parts of your home like furniture even. That’s not all. They also love chewing through carpet, drywall and insulation. 

Affordable Plans For

Pest Control

Get your complimentary quote by phone and be one-step closer to pest-free living. We will create a service plan that best fits your needs and a state-certified pest control professional will perform thorough service.

  • Rats and Mice Damage: Mice will chew on anything in their sight that could help them in building their nests, or get them to a source of food. Mice enjoy chewing on carpet, wood, paper, cloth and more. Possibly the most dangerous thing that mice chew is insulation near wires. This is a true fire hazard and needs to be prevented immediately. Mice could cause damage to the outside of your home as well. If they cannot find a tiny opening to squeeze into, they will simply chew on the home’s structure until they can fit. So, they can cause some real problems. 

Not only does this force you to have to spend money on repairing the damage these pests have left behind, but it could cause a big loss to the value of your home. So overall, it is best to create a routine that you can follow, and keep up with pest control services. 

Peace of Mind

No one wants to be paranoid in their own home of mice or termites or any other pest. You spend so much time, money and effort on creating a comfortable space to call home and enjoy, so take the precautions before pests ruin that for you. One sure way to do so is by keeping up routine pest control. It is a smart investment in the long run considering how much the service will do for you in return. As mentioned before, if you are thinking of selling your home in the future, it is especially important. If any future buyers decide to have a pest inspection done on your home, they will quickly spot damage that has been ignored. That will quickly steer away buyers because of the lack of effort put into the home, and the high cost of repairs that would need to be done. However, if you are able to invest in a routine pest control service, this might even attract buyers. For future buyers to come in and see that you have kept up your home with routine sprays and repairs (if needed) would appeal to their needs. 

Need Routine Pest Control Service?

By choosing regular pest control services, you can stop problems before they get out of hand. This helps you have peace of mind living in your home, or selling your home. Consider an ongoing commercial pest control contract so you’ll have scheduled inspections and maintenance all year round. We have treated businesses since 1989, so you can expect quality service from our experienced commercial pest control professionals. Our team members are skilled, professional and ethical, and are all trained to address each of your questions and concerns. Our friendly service and thorough pest treatments prove that customer satisfaction is paramount to our success. We focus on treating the insects outside of your business and stopping them before they can get inside. This reduces the number of treatments needed inside your property. We provide continual training to ensure that all of our commercial pest professionals constantly exceed industry standards. Give us a call today!