Why Are Rodents Attracted To Your Home

Rodents are a common pest for homeowners in metro and rural Georgia. Not only can they decrease the value of a home but their droppings and bites can destroy your kidneys with bacteria or cause “rat-bite fever,” according to the CDC. So the question is asked, ‘what attracts these rodents to your home’? Here Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., lists the common reasons for why these pests fine your home attractive.

Common Attractions For Rodents


Food is by far the most common reason you might have an infestation. Both rats and mice are always on the lookout for food because they probably don’t have a consistent source. Rodents will eat anything you leave laying around the house, including pet food. Their favorite things to nibble on are peanut butter, produce and more. Read more about their favorite foods HERE.

The single easiest thing to do to reduce a rat infestation in your home is to cover or close your garbage. Getting tighter lids or new trashcans can ensure that they stay closed. This will keep rats from being attracted to your trash, which is full of food products. Any pet food or grain bags lying around in a shed or storage are also potential feeding grounds for rodents. If you have a problem with rats, one possible fix is to take these bags and empty them into sealed bins and store them in a sealed way. At the very least, make sure the bags are closed and store them somewhere that doesn’t have easy access to the outside.

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Rodents are similar to humans in the sense that they enjoy a warm and comfortable nest. This is another reason why rats are attracted to our homes – the warmth. Rats, like any pest, act on their needs. This particular need that’s important to understand is the need to be warm and find a safe place to make a nest. Your walls, insulation, attic, sheds, basements, and other structures may be dry and warm enough to make the perfect nest. Another thing to consider is your appliances as well. Since most of them give off heat, outdoor fridges, washers and dryers, heaters in sheds, and other appliances might seem worth digging into for a rodent. This can not only damage appliances but can short them out and cause fires if wires get chewed on.

The best way to fix this problem isn’t easy but it’s necessary. You must find all entry points and seal them up as best as you can. Rodents only need a tiny hole to enter your home. After sealing up potential entry points is a good idea to check these points periodically to make sure rats haven’t breached an entry.


Water is another major factor that attracts rodents to your home. Like any pest, rodents need food and water to survive. Mice and rats are always looking for a supply of water and many homes unwillingly provide the perfect source. Leaky pipes, bowls of water for pets, leaking sprinklers and other sources of water attract these rodents into your home. They are also attracted to outside fountains and birdbaths.

The fix for this depends on the source of the water. If it’s an outdoor bowl, consider leaving it inside. Dripping faucets or sprinklers may need to be replaced, as quickly as leaky pipes or gutters need to be repaired. You may need to reevaluate your beautiful birdbath in exchange for avoiding having rats in your yard. Anything that provides a source of water is not only a reason for a rodent to come to your home but to stay and nest.

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Rodent Control

It is important to hire professional pest control experts to locate and properly remove the rodents from your home. The above tips are helpful, but if you suspect that there are already rodents in your home, you probably need the help of professionals. It may be dangerous or inefficient to try to deal with the problem on your own, and you may end up creating more of a problem than you had in the first place.

Lookout Pest Control has been providing rodent control in the metro-Atlanta area for over three decades. We have the skills, experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to remove all critters from your home so that you and your family can rest easy.

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