The Importance of Preventative Pest Control For Your Home or Rental Property

So much goes into renting or owning a home in today’s society. Utilities, structural maintenance, appliance upkeep, landscaping.. the list goes on! An important aspect of maintaining and caring for a home is often dismissed or forgotten. And that is preventative pest control. Pest control isn’t just about seeing bugs and getting rid of them. Regular preventative pest control and maintenance is a crucial aspect for the well being of your home’s structure, value, health, and the people and pets living there. Securing a regularly scheduled preventative pest control service will save you money, time, and the headaches that come along with pest or wildlife infestations. And a bonus— you won’t have to be battling with bugs or critters all the time either.

It’s no secret that preventative maintenance is good for just about everything, whether that be our bodies, cars, homes, and more. And one of the most important preventative maintenance techniques for our homes includes preventative pest control. Keep reading to learn why it is crucial for your home or rental property.

Here are the 4 key reasons why preventative pest control is important for your house or rental property:

1) Pests Cause Immense Property & Health Damage

The most obvious reason for a preventative pest control plan is the bugs. Pests in your home can cause damage to both your home’s structure and your’s and your family’s health. Pests can do immense damage— whether that be termites eating away at your home’s external structure, cockroaches trailing germs and diseases across your floor and furniture, or getting a spider bite in the middle of the night. It’s no secret that bugs in your home are not fun. By hiring a professional pest control company that comes on a regular basis to perform preventative pest control services, you are eliminating the build-up of insect colonies and allowing trained eyes to assess your pest issues, as well as preventing future pest infestations. It’s important to take care of the issue before it gets out of hand. In addition, wildlife critters, such as squirrels, roof rats, and raccoons can cause immense damage to your home’s structural property without you even knowing. Wildlife can even start house fires. Learn more about wildlife infestations here.

2) Protect Your Biggest Investment: Your Home

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Insects, pests, and wildlife can do major damage to your home’s value without ever being noticed. Termites bury underground in dark and hard to access areas, destroying wood frames, beams, studs and whatever else they can get their mouths on. Ants have the ability to chew through electrical wire looking for the sugar in the colored coating. Wildlife pests can turn your roofline, attic, or basement into a playground of destruction. Keeping a regularly scheduled pest control professional checking up on your home can save tens of thousands of dollars in possible damages and devaluation to your property.

3) Financial Security

The after-effect of damage from insects and wildlife in/around your home could possibly cost more than your mortgage and car payment together. Hiring a professional pest control team that checks your home on a regular schedule will help elevate that worry and risk. According to Home Advisor’s research, monthly pest control ranges from $40-$55, a fraction of what you will pay out for insect or wildlife damage to your home.

4) Peace of Mind for Your Family’s and Pet’s Health

Your family’s and pet’s health is paramount. Bugs and wildlife can bring diseases and bacteria into your living spaces, causing disease. Keeping a regular watch on pest and wildlife activity in your home or rental property will help contribute to a clean and healthy living space. There is nothing more satisfying than having peace of mind in regards to your home’s cleanliness and safety. Hiring a professional pest control company to perform routine preventative pest control services will give you peace of mind.

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The Importance of Preventative Pest Control For Your Home or Rental Property in Kennesaw, GA and beyond!

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