Pest Prevention Tips For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving time is all about family and having a delicious Thanksgiving feast. With that being said, nothing can ruin a meal faster than pests. Finding a bug in the mashed potatoes or gravy is a quick way to ruin a meal. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to give you and your family a few pest prevention tips. Here Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., discusses the pests you might encounter this Thanksgiving and ways to prevent them.

Common Kitchen Pests

  • Weevils – Commonly found in beans, popcorn, and nuts, weevils feed on the grains in your cabinet while laying their larvae.
  • Cockroaches 
  • Indian meal moths – Very common in both the household and grocery store, the Indian meal moth is attracted to nuts and dry dog food.
  • Ants
  • Flour beetles – These small insects are primarily interested in flour, but they can expand their diet to include tobacco, cracked grains, dried fruits, spices, and more.
  • Spider beetles – The spider beetle is characterized by its large, round abdomen and its appetite for cereals, grains, wool, and even hair.
  • Flies

Pest Prevention Tips

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  • Don’t Leave Food Uncovered

Leaving uncovered food on the counter is one of the quickest ways to attract pests. Use plastic wrap or tin foil to cover the food. Another good idea is to place leftovers in the refrigerator once everyone has finished. If you serve the food in glass or plastic containers, cover them with lids to keep unwanted bugs out of the dining area.

  • Don’t Let the Trash Stack Up

It’s easy to let the trash pile up during Thanksgiving feasts. However, that trash will attract pests such as flies, ants and cockroaches by the dozens until it leads to an infestation. Take out the trash once it fills up. Be sure to take it outside and put it in a trash bin with a closable lid.

  • Maintain Your Lawn

Most infestations start on the lawn and make their way inside your home. The climate in Georgia provides the grass with plenty of sun and nutrients to continue growing throughout the fall. Make sure to mow the grass to a short length, and pull any weeds that have grown near your home. A well-maintained lawn will deter pest infestations and prevent invasions during the holidays.

  • Invest In Proper Tupperware

Invest in plastic storage containers with lids for Thanksgiving. Once you’re done eating, store everything neatly in its own container. Be sure to label it with the name of the food and the date. Pantry pests and rodents like to infest open containers in the pantry. If you put cereal, rice, and flour in their own plastic containers, it will prevent pests from contaminating your food and eliminate infestations altogether.

  • Clean Up Routinely 

Cleaning up after you cook is the best way to prevent pests from feeding off the crumbs and mess. If you clean up after eating, which includes sweeping and vacuuming in hard-to-reach places, you’ll prevent insect pests from moving in and infesting your kitchen and dining area during the holidays.

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