How To Prevent Insects In Your Georgia Home

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Georgia has a temperate to warm climate and frequent mild winters with little to no snow in many areas. Without a long freeze to kill off pests or put them into hibernation for a few months, you may find yourself dealing with fleas or ants year-round. Other common Georgia insect pests are cockroaches like the American cockroach and palmetto bug, silverfish, and termites. Read more to learn about the best practices for pest control in your Georgia home.

If you are dealing with pests in Georgia, here are a few tips:

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1. Don’t skimp on flea protection for your pets when cold weather arrives. Cats and dogs in areas that experience mild winters need year-round flea treatment. Many people don’t think of calling an exterminator for fleas, but if you have a severe flea problem in your home and treating your pets and using flea powder on your carpets hasn’t helped, it’s time to call a pest control professional. A professional exterminator can treat the inside and perimeter of your home to stop the infestation. Keeping up with your pet’s flea treatments can help prevent another severe flea outbreak.

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2. Don’t leave food out overnight, and don’t keep bags of garbage inside. This draws roaches. Roaches will start trying to come in when the weather turns cool. Be aware of them, especially if you live in a wooded area. Roaches spread disease and may bite babies and young children in their sleep. Roach droppings can sicken asthmatics and those with allergies. When you see one roach, there are many more hiding. The only sure way to eliminate roaches is to make an appointment with an exterminator. Exterminators know where roaches hide and can treat those areas that you can’t access.

3. Silverfish aren’t harmful to humans, but they can contaminate dry goods like grains. Silverfish eat paper, photographs, cardboard, fabric, and carpet. They thrive in basements and other places like garages and storage sheds where paper items and items in cardboard cartons are likely to be stored. Silverfish require a water source for survival. That’s why they like particularly damp basements. An exterminator can find where silverfish are nesting, treat those areas, and leave silverfish packs to kill any stragglers. You can help prevent silverfish by keeping storage areas dry and using plastic bins for storage instead of cardboard boxes.

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