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Treating home and commercial properties in Atlanta, GA against pests, mosquitos, termites, and wildlife since 1989.

Any Pest, Inc. is a leading pest control company servicing the entire Metro Atlanta area, including Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, Canton and Woodstock.


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We Help Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Any Pest, Inc. is a leader in pest, termite and wildlife control services, and is a trusted name in Georgia. Our team of highly trained experts strive to provide you with effective quality results, while excelling at customer service.

Any Pest, Inc. has been providing superior pest control service to north metro-Atlanta, from Kennesaw to Marietta, since opening our doors in 1989. Our main office located in Kennesaw, Georgia. Our mission is always to provide every client with quality pest control, termite protection and wildlife management services while displaying our dedication to excellent customer service.

At Any Pest, Inc we adhere to the highest standards and stay informed on the latest industry knowledge to ensure that you always receive the best service available! We offer immediate service, free consultations and customize all plans to meet your specific needs, while offering botanical and Eco-friendly pest control options. We have pest control plans starting as low as $25 and offer referral discounts up to $50 for customers with existing Pest and/or Termite Control Annual Service agreements – call us today for more information!

Residential and Commercial Services Include:

Our service professionals are required to pass extensive training as well as security background checks before joining the Any Pest team. All of our employees are licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind, and we provide continual training to ensure that every technician constantly exceeds industry standards. Our expert staff is highly skilled, professional and ethical, and are all trained to address each of your questions and concerns.

Whatever your need: pest control solutions, termite protection or wildlife management services, Any Pest, Inc. is ready to work for you.

We have a plan for your peace of mind.

Inspection of your home. Providing a free inspection of your home allows our technician to discover your specific pest problems or find conducive environments which could enable future pest problems. Why do we provide a free inspection? Because when you are given good information, you then can make educated and informed decisions.

Consultation regarding your needs. An Any Pest, Inc trained and registered technician will evaluate the results of our inspection and thoroughly discuss their findings with you. This consultation will cover the conditions we found and the proposed treatment options. We will work with you to address any concerns and always propose responsible treatment options.

Our botanical options help keep your family, pets and loved ones away from harmful materials. Any Pest, Inc focuses on treating the bugs outside of your home, stopping them before they can get inside, which will reduce the amount of treatments needed inside your home.

Services to ensure your peace of mind. Based on the evaluation of your property and consultation with you, an Any Pest, Inc. technician will provide a high quality standard of workmanship when implementing treatment services for your residence. Tailored specifically to your dwelling, our treatments minimize your exposure while keeping existing or potential pests out of your home or business.

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