Earwig Control

An earwig is a long, thin insect that has a pair of well-developed, distinctive pincher-like appendages. Lending them the nickname “pincher bug”, their pinchers may seem intimidating, but don’t be fooled! They are not a threatening bug. They do not pinch, sting, or bite. Adults range in size from 5-25mm in length, depending on the species. They are a brownish-red color and can be either winged or wingless.

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Earwigs feed on decaying vegetation, such as garden vegetation, composting leaves, and other decaying plants around wet leaves or mulch. They enjoy dark, wet areas. Their diet consists of both plants and other insects.

The Myth

The myth that earwigs enter into human ears, wiggle their way in, and burrow themselves in our brains while they lay their eggs, is simply FALSE! The truth of the myth is that it's completely fictional and has been since ancient times.

Earwig Threats

Earwigs are not poisonous, lack venom, and do not sting. However, they can still be a nuisance within your home. They can get into homes on outdoor items like packages, newspapers, boxes, and furniture that are brought indoors. However, earwigs most often wander into homes and other buildings accidentally through cracks in foundations, and gaps around exterior windows and doors. They are attracted to light and will sometimes flock to deck and porch areas in the evenings. Earwigs typically infest homes and businesses when the weather becomes too hot or dry for them. They will move indoors to find dark, moist places to hide in. When infesting homes they can be found in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, under stacks of newspapers or magazines, and under potted plants. They may also move indoors to search for food.

Prevention/ Treatment

Getting rid of earwigs from your home can be a frustrating task. Reducing the moisture levels in your home can help, but professional pest control is the best solution. Professionals can find all the areas of your home that the earwigs are hiding in and eliminate them. Pest experts will then be able to help you find the areas of your home that are allowing them inside and fix them.

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