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Why Are Raccoons In My Attic?

Female raccoons love the attics of our homes. They offer warmth, security, and safety for their kits and are perfect places to make nests for their nursery during fall and winter months. Raccoons are mammals that mostly feed on insects, fruits, and berries but they can cause expensive damage to your home and also carry the rabies virus as well as other harmful diseases. Needless to say, if you suspect raccoons in your home you need to have them removed immediately.

Signs that you have raccoons in your attic:

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures so you will hear them being most active at night. Listen for loud thumps, scratching noises, wrestling, and the sounds of the babies crying and whining. If a mother has set up her nursery in your attic, you may often see her leaving from her point of entry during the day to retrieve food for her kits. Raccoons will also leave urine and feces in the attic. Look out for foul odors and physical signs of feces in various areas in your attic

Are raccoons dangerous?

Raccoons are pests on many levels. If they infest your home, they will leave damage to your attic with their feces and their destructive behavior. Raccoons will tear and chew through wood and materials to make a home inside. They are smart, resourceful mammals and will find a way in for shelter.

Besides carrying rabies, raccoons can also carry roundworm, and Leptospirosis, all of which require medical attention if contracted.

How to remove raccoons from your atticRaccoon Removal Atlanta | Lookout Pest Control

Raccoon removal should always be performed by a professional wildlife control service. Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., has over 30yrs in wildlife control and prevention and the trained technicians and skillsets to humanely and expeditiously remove raccoons from your home and back into the wild. You should never approach a raccoon yourself. Mothers can be very protective of their kits and will attack if provoked.


Keep in mind, it is difficult to catch raccoons, and it is best to leave this up to the professionals. Here at Lookout Pest Control we are qualified to capture and relocate these animals so that you won’t have to. All Lookout Pest Control wildlife professionals are permitted by The Ga. Dept. Of Natural Resources, a permit which is required in order to perform wildlife control in the state of Ga. Our wildlife professionals have provided cost-efficient, quality wildlife control to our customers for over three decades. When it comes to raccoon control in metro Atlanta, we can take care of your situation in an efficient and timely manner. Contact us today for a free quote or call 678-888-0035.

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