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The Danger Of Bats In Your Attic

Bats are very beneficial to our ecosystem and are natural pest regulators. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service notes that on average, a bat will feast on as many as 600-1000 insects in a single hour. But the danger of bats in your home can be very serious and cause unsurmountable health risks and even death.

Bats are nocturnal creatures. They are active night feeders and spend most of the daytime roosting in groups. When bats invade your attic for roosting, they bring along costly destruction and harmful side effects. Bats are also territorial by nature and will return to a roosting spot every year once it is established.

Signs you have bats in your home

Bats Roosting In Attic | Lookout Pest Control

#1 Odor

Bats defecate and urinate wherever they are roosting and the odor from their droppings can overtake your living spaces and become quite unpleasant. If you begin to smell a constant pungent odor in your home, bats may be present.

#2 Droppings

Bat droppings or Guano, can be seen wherever bats are roosting. If you inspect your attic floors and see multiple piles of Guano, you are certain to have bats.

#3 Noises

If you hear continued rustling, scratching, flutteringly noises in your attic during the day, bats may be present.

Danger of disease

Guano contains bacteria, rabies, and will form spores of fungus which can cause histoplasmosis. This infection can cause severe respiratory issues, fatigue, cough, fever, and in people with weakened immune systems, can be fatal. Bats also carry rabies, and although being bit by one is rare, a bat wound requires immediate medical attention.

If you suspect bats in your attic or any other part of your home, call a trained, wildlife professional to come and inspect the property.

Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., offers a humane and responsible answer to your bat problems. Serving metro Atlanta since 1989, we have the skillset, knowledge, and expert technicians to remove and prevent bats from entering your home.

Wildlife Control In Atlanta, GA

An animal infestation is just as unappealing and stressful as an insect infestation, but there’s an increased risk of property damage, potential injury, and diseases.

Most animals that you see around the exterior of your home may appear cute and innocent; however, those cute, innocent animals can quickly become a nuisance once they invade your property. In addition to the vast amount of damage they can cause, animals can carry MORE diseases than many insects.

Our team is comprised of experts fully licensed and permitted (State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources) in live trapping, humane animal removal, and relocation. Call us today or contact us online.

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