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Summer Pests That Come After The Rain

Atlanta summers are full of thunderstorms and rain that seem to appear almost every day. They bring nutrients to our plants, trees, and grass but they also bring along summer pests. Insects take cover from heavy rain and your home is a perfect place to retreat. Some insects also lay eggs in the water left behind by storms. Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., is here to help with professional pest control services for the exterior and interior of your home.

Here are the pests to watch out for after summer rain:

#1 Mosquitoes

Warm, humid weather is a mosquito’s best friend. After heavy rainfall during the Georgia summer months, mosquito infestations significantly increase because there is an increase in standing water. Standing water facilitates mosquito infestations. In addition, higher temperatures lead to an increase in transmissible diseases. Remove all standing water around your home after each rainfall and call Lookout Pest Control for mosquito control service on a scheduled basis. 

#2 Cockroaches

Like most creatures, cockroaches need food, water, and shelter in order to survive, which are all located inside your home. Typically, American cockroaches search for shelter after periods of heavy rainfall. Also, many cockroaches hide in drains and sewers. After heavy rain, they may scurry to avoid drowning and, as a result, make their way to your home. Be on the lookout for cockroaches trying to make your home theirs after rain. Do not leave any kind of food out, and properly seal food in pantry/cabinets. Make sure dirty dishes are put in the dishwasher or cleaned and take out your kitchen trash often. 

#3 Ants

There are over 1 million ants per each human. With that being said, ant colonies are extremely common. There is most likely one or a few near your home. However, after periods of heavy rain, ant colonies get destroyed, and they try to find higher ground that is dry. When ants search for higher grounds, they may end up inside your home (the perfect higher ground). When ants come inside after it rains, they leave a trail of pheromones that allow them to let the other ants know where to go and for them to know where to exit. Check for cracks and openings in doorways, window sills, and exterior piping coming into your home. 

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