Protect Your Business With Commercial Mosquito Control

Hiring a reputable and experienced commercial mosquito control service is the best way to eliminate mosquitoes around your business. If you have a health inspection or another issue, you may want to contact the health department ahead of time. If you are concerned about West Nile Virus or other mosquito-borne diseases, you will want to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent them from coming back ASAP! Here, Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., discusses commercial mosquito control and why it is important for your business and employees.

What Is Mosquito Fogging?

Mosquito fogging uses materials called pyrethroids. These are synthetic versions of pyrethrins, naturally occurring pesticides in chrysanthemums. They are often used to kill adult mosquitoes and flies, but they may also be effective against insects such as ticks, fleas, or spiders. The materials are mixed with water to produce a mist or fog that will spread over an area as it floats through the air. The amount of materials used depends on several factors, including temperature and humidity levels, wind speed and direction, the type of insect being targeted, and how many insects are treated in the area.

Benefits of Mosquito Fogging

Fogging can help decrease the number of mosquitoes in your area by killing them before they have the chance to reproduce. Reducing their numbers will make it easier to avoid getting bitten by them. You may also see fewer pests like ticks or fleas if they feed on the dead insects killed by fogging.

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Preparing For Mosquito Fogging

Mosquito fogging has many benefits that make it an essential part of your business’s mosquito control strategy:

  • It’s effective at killing mosquitoes and other pests. After the fogging process, you’ll see fewer adult mosquitoes in your area and fewer larvae. This will help keep pests under control and reduce the chance of human exposure to diseases like West Nile virus or Zika virus.
  • It’s safe for humans and animals alike. The materials used in mosquito foggers are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic — meaning they won’t harm people or pets in the area during treatment. Some of these products are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use around people, pets, and wildlife without posing any health risks!

When Should You Use Mosquito Fogging?

Fogging is an effective way to control adult mosquitoes, but it’s not a cure-all. It can be used with barrier treatments, but it must be done at the right time of year and in the correct location. Ideally, you’ll do fogging when mosquitoes are most active, usually between dusk and dawn. The best time is when it’s cool outside (less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit) because this is when mosquitoes are more active.

How Often Should You Do Mosquito Fogging? 

Fogging should be done regularly so that there aren’t any breeding sites or resting areas for mosquitoes. If you only do one fogging treatment annually, you’re likely not getting the desired results. You want to do enough fogging so there aren’t any places for mosquitoes to breed or rest, which means doing at least two treatments per month during peak mosquito season (May through October).

Mosquito Hazards

 Mosquitos are the most dangerous insects on Earth. They carry several diseases that are fatal to humans. Some diseases include Malaria, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Zika Virus.

Mosquitos can transmit disease through their saliva when they bite you. Once bitten by a mosquito, you could develop symptoms of the disease within 1-3 weeks. If you have been bitten by a mosquito and develop these symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately.

In addition to the diseases, mosquitoes can be annoying and difficult to eliminate. They buzz around your head while trying to enjoy time outside or sleep at night without being able to close your windows because they will get inside your home if given access!

Other Mosquito Tips

 Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests in the world. They can ruin our outdoor activities and make us miserable.

Mosquitoes are also dangerous because they carry malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and yellow fever. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 200 million people contract these diseases yearly.

The best way to prevent mosquitoes is to eliminate them from your yard and home. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Keep it clean: Keep your yard clean by raking leaves and grass clippings, picking up trash, cleaning gutters, and trimming overgrown plants near your house.
  • Remove standing water: Water attracts mosquitoes, so drain any puddles or other places where water collects after rain or watering plants. Also, make sure there aren’t any holes in your roof or foundation that would allow water to gather inside the house.
  • Use repellents: Use mosquito repellents like DEET when going outside. Also if you have an area of high mosquito activity in your yard (such as a pond or marshy area). If using repellents on children, always read the label first and use only what is recommended for their age.
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Pests and insects can be destructive, leaving a business owner vulnerable to fines from health inspectors and customer complaints. This is why businesses need commercial mosquito control.

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