Preventing Rat Infestations During The Rainy Season

Rats have a reputation for being foul animals. Of course, they spend most of their lives on the ground. To be in the middle of a rat infestation is a nightmare no one wants to have on their hands. Rats have a way of coming in and out of your home quickly and unbeknownst to you. They multiply faster than most people suspect, and the moment they bite the hand that feeds them, they will move on. It is way too easy for rats to find suitable nesting spaces under house and garden buildings and sheds during the rainy season. Rats are generally small rodents (measuring approximately 7.5 to 12 inches), but if you let their numbers breed, they can become a big problem in your home and elsewhere. You can significantly reduce the likelihood of rats finding a welcome home beneath your building by following our five easy steps for preventing rat infestations during the rainy season.

Ways To Prevent Rats

1. Declutter Your Yard

Reduce the clutter in your yard and around your house. Rats like dark places where they can hide and burrow. The first thing that attracts rats is an unkempt yard. Rats like clutter and tall grass. They especially love overgrown shrubs and bushes with low-hanging branches that give them a place to hide during the day. You can make your property less attractive by eliminating anything that provides shelter for them — old tires, planters, piles of lumber or leaves, boxes, or other rubbish. Mowing the lawn regularly will help get rid of hiding spots for rats, but it isn’t enough by itself to prevent infestations.

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Store firewood away from the house. Please don’t keep it close to the foundation of your home or garage. That’s too much temptation for a rat looking for a place to gnaw or nest.

2. Store Pet Food Properly

If you have pets that eat from bowls outside, it’s essential to keep their food in airtight containers when it’s not being consumed. Rats and mice will eat just about anything available, including pet food. Not only should you store pet food in airtight containers, but you should also avoid storing it in the garage. Rats can easily chew through cardboard and plastic, so don’t make it easy for them to access it. The best bet is to keep pet food indoors in a pantry or cabinet. This doesn’t just apply to cat or dog food. If you have a farm, you are well acquainted with rats, and they flock to any grain they can find on farms. Please do your best to keep rats away from grain by covering it as securely as possible. 

3. Don’t Leave Dog and Cat Food Out Overnight

Don’t leave dog and cat food out overnight. Pet food left out at night attracts rats that will not only eat the pet food but may also spread it around your house or yard as they hunt for other food sources. This can be problematic on a farm since horses and other animals spread their grain all over. 

4. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Reduce runoff from downspouts, so water drains away from the house. Repair leaks around faucets and pipes so moisture does not build up in walls or under floors. Keep gutters clear of debris, so water flows freely away from the house. Make sure vents are clear, too — rats can crawl through any opening larger than ¼ inch.

5. Keep Garbage Cans Closed Tightly

If you keep your garbage cans outside, ensure that the lids are closed tightly. Even if you have a bag inside the can, rats will chew through the bag to get to food spilled on the bottom of the can. If you don’t want to keep your cans closed all the time tightly, consider covering their lids with pieces of wood or other materials that rats cannot chew through. You should also avoid putting meat and other protein-based foods in outdoor garbage bins to attract rats.

Call In The Professionals

We are all aware of how a heavy downpour can cause a lot of trouble to us, but have you ever thought about the effect that it might have on our furry friends? Rats are not just a nuisance-they can also bring several diseases and even cause property damage in some cases. The best way to prevent an infestation is to keep an eye on your home for signs of rodents. If you notice a mouse or rat in your home, you must immediately remove the rodent from the area before it has a chance to breed and quickly become a rat-infested house.

A rat infestation is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with expertly. When it comes to managing pest problems in your home, you need to call the experts at Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., who can help you deal with this problem by using the latest equipment and techniques. Suppose you notice any signs of rodents in your home, especially in areas that are not easily accessible, such as basements and attics. In that case, the next step is to call in the professionals at Lookout Pest Control for help.

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Preventing Rat Infestations During The Rainy Season in Kennesaw, GA and beyond!

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