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Is Your Home Ready For Springtime Pests?

As winter fades in Atlanta, springtime pests begin to surface looking for food, water, breeding grounds, and shelter. And your home is the perfect spot for insects and critters to stake their claim. There are many ways to pest-proof your home to help prevent these unwanted visitors from inhabiting your property and ruining your spring season. Hiring Any Pest for a scheduled pest control maintenance service is your first step to success.

Use this checklist to ready your home for springtime pests

#1 Seal Up All Cracks On Doors & Windows

Insects can maneuver through the very smallest of openings and if there is a pathway into your home, they will find it. Check all the seals on doors and windows and fix any gaps with weather stripping and caulking.

#2 Clean Out The Gutters

The build-up of debris, leaves, and water in gutters will attract mosquitoes and other pests for breeding and feeding. Make sure to get your gutters cleaned out before spring.

#3 Keep Food Stored Away

Leaving food sources exposed on the counter, cupboard, and kitchen areas will bring springtime pests to feast. Make sure all food containers are sealed and put back into place and that dirty dishes are cleaned and put into the dishwasher. The best bread box in the world is a microwave and it is also great for fresh fruit to avoid pests. Microwaves seal tight and will keep your fruits or bread stay fresh longer. It is also great if you are aging bananas for recipes such as banana nut bread to avoid Pests such as Fruit Flies or Phorid Flies which are highly attracted to aging food products.

#4 Remove Moisture

Insects love moisture and will seek it out in any part of your home. Ensure that all pipes are functioning without leaks and that basement and crawlspaces are dry and free of standing water and excess moisture.

#5 Hire Any Pest For Scheduled Service

The number one defense in springtime pest control is having a seasoned and trained pest control company monitoring and maintaining your property on a scheduled basis. Any Pest will check both the interiors and exteriors of your home and property while implementing the best practices for proper and effective pest control and prevention.

Springtime Pest Control In Atlanta, GA

Keep potentially harmful bugs and wildlife away from your home or business. “A state-certified pest control professional from the Any Pest team will start by visiting your home or business and perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection to identify pest problems and potential areas of concern. All you then need to do is review our recommendations and we will create a service plan that best fits your needs. We will create a program to control any unwanted or unexpected pests. Contact us online or call 678-888-0035 today to get started with your free consultation.