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How to Pest-Proof Your House for Fall

The arrival of cooler weather, football season, and pumpkin-spice flavored everything means only one thing, FALL IS OFFICIALLY HERE!

Everything surrounding fall is refreshing, except one thing… pests!

Why Do Bugs Come Inside When It Gets Cold?

Bugs come inside when it gets cold to find three things: food, water & shelter. Many think bug season is heaviest in the warmer months of summer. But did you know that pesky critters love to inhabit your home as the summer fades and the temperatures drop into the fall months? Bugs, like humans, seek warmth, food and water, and they will do just about anything to find it.

Bug Activity in the Fall

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From bugs to rodents, fall’s arrival brings unwanted guests inside our homes, as they are searching to fill their needs and find warmer shelter. These pests are not only nuisances but also present property damage and serious health hazards to our loved ones and pets.

Taking the necessary steps to protect and fortify your home against insects will help keep your home clean and give you peace of mind— just in time for cozy nights in front of the fireplace. Keep reading to see how to make sure they don’t fid their needs within your home or business this fall.

How to Pest-Proof Your House this Fall

STEP 1— Make Sure Your Home Has a Tight Seal

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Pests can squeeze into extremely tiny spaces. In fact, cockroaches can get through the opening the size of a quarter. Your windows and doors need to be tightly sealed to ensure bugs cannot get inside even through the smallest openings.

How to fix this: Caulk window panes and cracks that show gaps. Use weather stripping around doors to keep them sealed off. Other points of interest around the exterior of your home should also be checked. Dryer exhaust vents, plumbing holes, basement screens and attic exhausts should all be caulked and sealed.


STEP 2— Keep Your House Clean

Bugs love leftover crumbs, wet areas, and warm messy spots to lay eggs.

Vacuum: Vacuuming under beds, sofas, and other hidden spots will help keep pests away from the spaces you rarely see.

Clean your sink and kitchen: Your kitchen is a harbor for insects and pests alike. Keep dirty dishes out of the sink. Keep countertops free of clutter, debris, and wiped down with disinfecting cleaner. The cabinet space under your sinks should be maintained as well.

Check for leaks: Small leaks and seal breaks to the outside facing walls can be overlooked and make for a lovely new home that insects can enjoy without your knowledge.

STEP 3— Schedule Recurring Pest Control

Hiring a professional pest control service on a monthly/quarterly basis is the best defense you can give your home from insects and rodents this fall. Proper insecticides and treatment methods are best handled by a professional. Crawl spaces, attics, basements, and hard to reach spots are dangerous to work in, especially if children and pets live in your home. Pest control professionals are well-trained and know how to treat pests effectively while maintaining the health and safety for your loved ones.

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How to Pest-Proof Your House for Fall in Kennesaw, GA and beyond!

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