How To Get Rid Of Flying Squirrels In Georgia

A flying squirrel infestation can pose many problems to home owners in Georgia. These squirrels are smaller than other squirrel species and can fit into small holes or cracks in any building. Once inside the building, they can cause serious damage to insulation, rafters and electrical wires. This is something home owners need to take care of immediately. Here Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., gives you more information about a flying squirrel infestation and ways to prevent them.

What Are Flying Squirrels?

Adult flying squirrels are relatively small tree squirrels, around 10 inches long with large black eyes. On average, they weigh anywhere from two to six ounces. Despite their name, flying squirrels actually glide instead of fly. They stretch out their legs, spreading the fold of skin between the front and hind legs, to form a kind of parachute that lets them glide from branch to branch. Depending on the species, flying squirrels range in color from white to gray to brown with a pale belly.

Preventing Flying Squirrels

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To help prevent flying squirrels from entering your home, consider taking preventive measures. These measures include thoroughly inspecting your home for potential entry points:

  • Check for gaps or holes in your roof, gutters, downspouts and walls.
  • Fix any broken windows and screens or cover them with cardboard to help prevent entry.
  • Put a cap on your chimney, as fireplaces are common access points for squirrels and other pests.
  • If you have fruit or berry plants near your home, be sure to regularly harvest and pick up potential food sources.

Flying squirrels are very social animals that will congregate in large groups. In fact, you may find that you have more than one inhabiting your attic. Finding flying squirrels in the attic is most common during the winter months when squirrels are seeking shelter from the cold temperatures.


There are multiple ways to control an active flying squirrel problem. The first way is to use a live trap. Be careful with this method as many species carry harmful diseases. The second method is a terminate trap. This can vary from glue boards, lethal bait to even snap traps. The third way is to repel them out of the attic using ultra sound or strobe lights. This third method is very unsuccessful in our experience though. Both live trapping and termination trapping are 100% effective. Kill trapping eliminates the need to relocate the animal which saves time; live trapping is more humane but means you will have to take the squirrel at least ten miles away to insure it won’t return. If you are looking for the best quality wildlife and pest control be sure to call Lookout Pest Control today.

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