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How To Avoid Fire Ants This Summer

Fire ants may be little creatures, but they pack a punch when provoked and can leave a very painful and unwanted welt on any intruder that comes in their path. First introduced to the United States in the 1930’s, fire ants are now five times more populous here than in their native South America.  These ants are most prevalent in Georgia in the warm summer months. Beginning in spring, they will start to colonize and prefer temperatures above 70 degrees when active. Building mounds above the ground, fire ants will form a colony with intricate tunnels to carry food to their queen. A mature queen can lay up to 1,600 eggs per day and an established fire ant colony can inhabit as many as 250,000 worker ants.

Helpful Tips For Spotting, Avoiding and Removing Fire Ants

#1 Fire Ant Nest

Fire Ant Nest | Lookout Pest Control Inc

Fire ants love to form their underground fortresses under moist soil conditions. So look for mounds in freshly watered lawns, after heavy rains, and in damp, rotted places under old wood and debris piles. Disturbing a fire ant colony will only upset the ants and solicit an attack.  Once left alone, they will rebuild the colony again.

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# 2 Look Out, They Bite!

Fire Ant Bite | Lookout Pest Control Inc

Fire ant bites are some of the most painful in the insect world. Their toxins leave a welt and can become an extremely irritant wound with burning and itching symptoms. Multiple fire ant bites can actually be very dangerous and if attacked by a swarm of fire ants, medical treatment may be needed. They will also bite your pets, so keeping them clear of colonies is also recommended.

#3 They Can Cause Damage

Fire Ants Damage Wires | Lookout Pest Control Inc

Fire ants love to infest and feast on electrical equipment and wiring. Lawnmowers, electric gates, outdoor lighting, and pool equipment are all susceptible to a fire ant feeding frenzy. They are sugar eaters and the colored wiring used in most electrical equipment and systems use sugar in the wire dye. They can nestle inside of a junction box or piece of equipment and destroy the internal wiring, costing you a ton in repairs.

The best line of defense for fire ant prevention and control is to hire a professional pest control service. Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., has 35 years of experience and can assess, manage, and help control the return of these types of ants to your property.

Fire Ant Control In Georgia

At Lookout Pest Control we provide expert pest control for any problem you may have with an ant infestation. We can identify the problem and help you get rid of all of the ants causing damage to your home. Furthermore, we can help to prevent future infestations so that you won’t have to worry about ants in the future.

How To Avoid Fire Ants This Summer in Kennesaw, GA and beyond!

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