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How The Sentricon Termite System Works

With Spring on the rise, warmer weather is the prime season for termites to take over your home. Any Pest’s termite control service combines the highest quality prevention with the best customer service available in the industry. If you are curious to what makes our termite control system work, be sure to read more about the Sentricon Termite System we use below.

Call a Specialist

First things first, call a Sentricon specialist like Any Pest to come inspect your property for early signs of termite infestations. Once inspected, your pest control service provider will begin implementing the system by doing the following:

  • An Any Pest technician will install a Sentricon unit around the perimeter of the home.
  • Once installed, termites eat the bait within the Sentricon ground unit and share it with the colony. The active ingredient, noviflumuron, gets shared within the colony and prevents termites from maturing through molting.
  • Over time all the termites die, including the queen. When termites can’t molt to grow, they die. When the colony dies, the queen dies.

Is Sentricon Pet Safe?

As many homeowners have pets, a main concern is if the termite bait is pet safe. The simple answer is YES! When installed, your pest control specialist will dig a hole and place the bait station below the ground surface. The only thing accessible to pets or children is the service cover which needs a special key to open. In addition, the active ingredient, noviflumuron, is designed specifically to disrupt the molting process that occurs only in insects and closely related organisms, not people or pets.

Sentricon Termite Bait | Any Pest Inc.

Our Protection Plan Is Lifetime Renewable

  • Any Pest, Inc covers repair costs if an active infestation is found under Repair Damage Guarantee
  • Warranties are 100% transferable & No Owner Transfer Fees
  • One of the BEST Termite Guarantees in the business
  • No Deductible or Booster treatment condition on agreement
  • We offer the most advanced technologies currently available
  • Our protection plans are available for residential and commercial properties
Termite Warranty Peace of Mind | Any Pest Inc.

Sentricon System vs. Liquid Treatments

Sentricon® Technicians | Any Pest Inc.

Call Any Pest Today

Any Pest Inc. has been protecting residential homes and commercial properties with our termite control plans since 1989. We use the best Sentricon household termite treatment plans and give each of our customer’s peace of mind. If you feel like you have a termite infestation or wanna stop one before it even starts, give us a call today. One of our trained specialists will set you and your home up with the best treatment on the market today. Call us for more information.