Gnat Infestations & How To Prevent Them

Gnats are some of the most annoying pests because they just lay eggs, spread diseases, and die. Gnats are weak fliers but they torment people and become quite a distraction. Even Will Smith ranted about them when he was shooting ‘Gemini Man’ in 2018. There are several things owners can do to prevent gnats from infesting your home or business. Learn more about the steps to take in identifying and preventing gnats from Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc.

Identifying Gnats

Gnats are small flies that have six legs, three body parts and one pair of functional wings used for flying. There are several kinds of gnats. Many include:

  • Fruit Flies – Fruit flies are about ⅛ inch long. They have red eyes and a “feathery” looking antennae. This species generally has a yellowish to pale brown thorax and a yellowish-colored abdomen that has a few black bands.
  • Fungus Gnats – These range in size from about ⅛-1/4 inch long. Fungus gnats have very long legs compared to the overall size of their body. Most of the fungus gnat species are black in color and have a long, slender abdomen.
  • Drain Flies – Drain flies are about ⅛-inch long. They are generally light gray or tan with a dark border around their wings. Many are moth-like with fuzzy bodies and antennae.

Gnat Infestations

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Gnats and fruit flies enter your home or business through open doors and screens. Once they have made an entrance, they eat off old fruits and vegetables and develop over time. Other places owners find them is around poorly cleaned drains, trashcans, garbage disposals and more. Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at once, so infestations are common and may linger for a long time.

Attracted to damp soil, fungus gnats usually enter homes by flying inside or from infested houseplants that are brought inside by the owners. Fungus gnats infest soil and feed upon decaying or damaged plant roots as well as fungi found in the soil. While not dangerous to humans, a fungus gnat infestation can be a nuisance indoors, as clouds of these tiny pests swarm and settle repeatedly.

Gnat Behavior 

During peak season, large numbers of gnats and midges infest residential or industrial areas causing annoyance and damage. Lake houses, sporting facilities, recreational areas, and businesses are often infested by these insects. Flies and gnats fly in swarms that look like clouds and can completely cover houses, vehicles, patio furniture, and plants in the landscape. Where these pests are plentiful, spiders and spider webs are also plentiful, and this adds to people’s concern and annoyance.

Gnat Prevention

When trying to prevent gnats and flies there are a few simple steps you can take. These steps include:

  1. Invest in prevention methods such as effective screening to keep these pests outside of your home or business.
  2. Throw away or store fruit and produce, especially if it is starting to decay. Keep products in the fridge and closed inside sealed containers.
  3. Clean all food containers, sink drains, and trashcans routinely. This will reduce development sites.
  4. When it comes to fungus gnats, avoid overwatering plants so that plant roots stay healthy and soil fungal growth is minimal.

Call Lookout Pest Control For Treatment

The first sign of a gnat infestation is usually spotting the population of tiny flying pests. However, with thousands of species, gnats are not easily identifiable. It is best to contact your pest control specialist to positively identify the insects and properly treat the entire gnat infestation, including the larvae. If you need gnat pest control service, call Lookout Pest Control at 678-888-0035 or contact us online here.

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