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End of Summer Pest Control Dos and Don’ts

Summer officially ends September 22nd, but that doesn’t quite mean pest season is over. In fact, for some pests— like ants, spiders, and cockroaches it’s peak season! At the end of the summer, temperatures are high, which can attract bugs inside.

For example, certain pests (like spiders) do not prefer warm temperatures. Instead, they migrate inside looking for a cooler area to cohabit. This is why you may find spiders more likely in bathrooms and kitchens.

Why Pest Prevention is So Important

Pest infestations are best avoided by prevention. Prevention reduces the risk of an infestation and lessens the need for pest control treatments. This helps reduce the amount spent on pest control. In addition, pest prevention reduces the risk of running into cockroaches, ants, and poisonous spiders, which can potentially cause damage to your health and home. 

The Dos and Don’ts for End of Summer Pest Control:


  • Try pest prevention first. Remove sources of water and food for pests.
  • Fix leaky plumbing or leaky sinks.
  • Remove clutter, which provides pests a place to live, breed, and hide.
  • Get rid of stacks of old magazines, newspapers, or cardboard.
  • Caulk crevices and cracks around baseboards and cabinets.
  • Learn about the most common pests. Read our blog to learn about any pest!


  • Don’t forget to read the label if using do-it-yourself products. Warnings, directions, application area specifications, and instructions for personal protective wear is very important to protect yourself, your family, and your pets.
  • Don’t use twice the solution. Do: Always read the directions and follow them!
  • Don’t attempt to rid of a pest infestation yourself! Do: Call the pest control professionals to alleviate your pest infestation properly.

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Get End of Summer Pest Control Service

If you do have a pest infestation this summer, it’s best to let the pest control experts handle it. At Any Pest, we have an individualized end of summer pest control plan for your piece of mind. Our job is to keep summer pests OUT! During your pest control inspection, our technicians examine both your yard and home to uniquely assess your individual needs. We identify entry points, make recommendations to seal certain areas, and may treat certain areas.

Contact us online here, or call us at (678) 888-0035 to get pest control for your home or business today!