Protect Your Home and Business Against Pests

Back to Work: Protect Your Home and Business Against Pests

States are starting to open back up after the COVID-19 caused shutdowns.  This means a lot of businesses will be opening their doors again and those employees will be leaving their homes.  Whether you are a business that has been closed these past weeks or someone who has been at home as a result of the shutdown, make sure your office and house are ready for things to return to normal. Lookout Pest Control, formerly Any Pest Inc., is here to protect your home and business against pests. We will help get you ready and keep the pests away.

Learn how Lookout Pest Control can help both businesses and homes alike readjust after COVID-19.


If your business has been closed or seen reduced traffic during a state shutdown, it is likely you could also be seeing an increase in pests as a result.  If you’re an office building, ants might have set up residence while nobody was around.  If your business is food service related, rodents and roaches could be enjoying any food or other trash you weren’t able to get taken out.

Especially now that the weather is warmer, pests are making a return stronger than ever.  Normally if people are moving around frequently, it can help discourage these unwanted animals and insects from setting up home in your business.  However, businesses have been closed and customers have not been visiting as often.

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This has meant less foot traffic which could mean more pests than usual have felt willing to venture further and infest more buildings.  Carpenter ants could be damaging the structure of your building.  They can enter through piping, vents, electrical wiring and multiple other sources.  Lookout Pest Control knows the signs of a carpenter ant infestation.  Make sure your building is safe before opening up again.

Carpenter ants don’t just go after food.  They also make sure to find shelter quickly.  This is what puts your building structure at risk since they can make quick work of wooden beams and furniture.  Lookout Pest Control has experts who know how to find the places that carpenter ants are hiding and take care of the problem.  This saves your building from being damaged.  This saves you from expensive repairs.

Another pest that is likely to have set up operations in your business are rodents.  Even if you had a problem before closing business, you might not have noticed due to how many people were moving around your halls.  Before you reopen completely, look for droppings or other signs of a rodent infestation.  They can get in through roofs, vents, and even smaller wall cracks.

Lookout Pest Control is experienced in finding all the places that rodents can enter a building and getting them fixed.  Rodents can cause damage to wiring and their droppings can be dangerous from respiratory and health standpoints.  Hiring a professional to take care of your problem will ensure all the different aspects of your business that could be affected are protected.


If you have been one of the many people stuck at home during this pandemic, make sure your house is ready for you to return to work.  Schools have closed and incorporated digital learning.  Businesses have cut hours or switched to a work from home setting.  Both of these scenarios mean more people have been in your home more than usual during the day.  What does this mean for possible pests?

Flies, roaches, and rodents are annoying pests that are known for attacking your food.  Fruit flies are attracted to sugary and organic foods.  Afterschool snacks have become all the time snacks for many homes.  Spilled soda can lead to flies finding their way to countertops.  Trash bins are perfect breeding grounds for more flies.  Once you make it possible for a few flies to make a home in your house, it doesn’t take long to become infested.

Roaches are another pest that is notorious for finding their way into several different locations.  Food, dirty dishes, and moisture are all factors that increase your risk of infestation.  The food left open in the pantry or the dishes that have been piling up in the sink has probably already brought these unwanted visitors into your home.  Wet towels and dirty or sitting laundry left around the house can provide the perfect environment for these pests as well.

Lastly, rodents are an unwanted visitor that can cause a variety of damage to your home.  They are attracted by food just like the other pests, but they can also cause structural damage as well.  Chewing through walls and wiring, these damages can add up quickly.  You don’t need any other expenses during this time.  Another expense that rodents can cause is medical expenses.  Their droppings and urine lead to a variety of health concerns.

You have been cooped up at home for a while and are ready to get back outside.  Make sure your house is prepared for this change too.

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Whether it is your business or home, you are ready for life to go back to normal.  During this shutdown, it is important to remember how the change in environments might have increased the risk of pests.  Make sure you don’t get caught off guard by an infestation.  Lookout Pest Control has been using our extensive knowledge to provide top service for 35 years.  Call us today at 678-888-0035 or contact us online.  We can help make sure your business and home are ready so that you can fully enjoy going back to your normal routine.

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