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A Dozen Ways to Prevent a Cockroach Infestation in Your Home

Dealing with a cockroach infestation can leave you with an unsettling feeling, and now that we are well into winter it is important to take the right steps to prevent a cockroach infestation in your home. Cockroaches need resources such as food, water and a place to keep warm and hide. As the temperature continues to drop in Atlanta, cockroaches may be looking for shelter inside of your warm home that comes with the added bonus of being stocked with all of the resources they need to survive.

The key to preventing roaches from infesting your home is to remove the home comforts that they are searching for. Cockroaches mostly come out at night – so they are typically taking refuge in a dark hiding place during daylight hours. Here are some tips to help prevent cockroaches from taking over your home this winter.

  1. Don’t hoard clutter in your home or in your garage.
clutter | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Do not leave dirty dishes out overnight.
Dirty Dishes | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Vacuum and sweep your floors regularly.
vacuuming | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Take your garbage and compost out every night.
taking out the trash | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Wipe down any surfaces where food is prepared or eaten.
clean counter | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Use bath plugs so roaches cannot come up through the drains.
bath plug in tub | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Thoroughly clean the inside of the microwave, oven, and toaster.
cleaning the microwave | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Wash all pet food dishes daily and never leave out pet food over night.
wash pet dish | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Store all non-refrigerated foods (pastas, flour, etc.) in sealed containers.
sealed storage containers | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Seal any cracks and gaps in floors, walls, cabinets, pipes and electrical cables.
sealing crack in wall | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Keep exterior shrubs and trees cut back a minimum of 18″ from your house. (Pine straw is NOT a good choice for up against a home structure. Stone, cedar mulch, or recycled tire mulch are much better choices.)
pine staw against house | Any Pest Inc.

  1. Keep your gutters cleaned with the water draining away from your home.
clean your gutter | Any Pest Inc.

These tips should help prevent a cockroach infestation in your home this winter, but if you do have unwelcome critters in your residence be sure to contact a pest control professional to remove them. If you suspect a pest infestation in your home, contact Any Pest, Inc to inspect, identify, and treat the problem. Contact Any Pest, Inc. today for a free estimate!